Hi, I’m Mark, 

Well I was said to be hyperactive as a child and always moving, I can’t say how far back I remember but to not be active was hard I can remember that much. Of late I am starting to understand the need to rest and recover a bit more. That said I am still always happiest when I am moving and helping others to do the same. Not to simply move but to do so at their fullest potential.

As a child the love of the great game of football gave way to practicing Karate and as time went on judo appeared and martial arts became a passion, (borderline obsession some might say). Over time I have tried some other styles and arts, but I have held true to my first love of Karate choosing to respect the others but keep at my practice in in my first discipline.

At a young age though I realised that through being fitter I could train more therefore I could achieve more, progress and learn skills quicker. In addition, it gave an edge in my performance in competition.

Always looking for ways to maximise this I searched for courses that would educate me to take full advantage of my potential in achieving. Over time I started teaching at first in martial arts where I started to feel a buzz for helping others learn and grow.

The coaching went on and so did the fitness studies and before long my passion for sharing knowledge on my favourite subjects spilled into Fitness Coaching. I can’t really remember a time when I was not coaching now and still to this day to see a client achieve is what makes my soul sing.

I celebrate every client success more than my own though and have witnessed many from rejoicing as a client drops a dress size to sending karate students on their way to follow their pursuits in competing at European competition and seeing those that never run, achieve their first half Marathon.   

Qualifications and achievements: 

Level 2 and 3 Fitness Trainer and Personal trainer awards

Associated Kettlebell, Spin, Circuit, MMA trainer, Sports Nutrition, Exercise counselling and various running workshops

Pre and Post Natal instructor

Postural Analysis and Correction advisor

Exercise for Children award

Various modules at degree level ranging from sport management, training and psychology

Foundation in Strength and Conditioning

Registered 4th Dan Karate Instructor highlights of competing at National Level

Several duathlons, Triathlons, running events including the London Marathon

Leading a running group for the awesome Goodgym charity as well