Located in the Richmond borough is a well-equipped studio offering an exclusive space to exercise. From here I am able to cater for private sessions on either a one to one basis or one to two clients is also possible.

Fitness Coaching sessions can even happen at your home or garden if you prefer and for some clients I do stretch to other boroughs as well.

I am a fully qualified fitness coach, drawing on vast experience from many years of training and competing in different sports. I have been fortunate enough to have had some great mentors along the way to guide me along my journey. Fitness, movement and performance have always been a passion and driver influencing me to study at degree level the theory to complement the practical. It is with this wisdom I have relentlessly tried and tested many fitness theories and models to understand the adaptations that take place through using them and know what really works!

I don’t do fads, no promises or rewards for no effort  – BUT I DO RESULTS.

SPECIAL OFFER: Due to the current climate we are now offering exercise training plans specific to you to keep you active, motivated and progressive for 4 weeks at £24.99 a week. For Personal Training online via “Zoom” please get in touch and we can quote you a price. 

*Nutritional advice and support also available 



If you are new to exercise, just getting started or simply dislike the gym environment then signing up to our “WE HATE THE GYM” programme could be just for you! This will allow you to make great in roads into your fitness journey, taking you from lacing up your trainers to knowing how your natural environment can be all you need to make healthier changes. 


Running – Newbie, going for the first 5km or an experienced runner that just can’t change that PB, then this could be a programme for you tailored all the way from getting you off the couch to finishing the race of a lifetime. 

Combat sports – Technique all the way for sure but to make gold or finish standing strong then you know you are just going to need that bit more. You don’t want to gas out or tap early because the competition was just that bit more prepared. This programme like the others is built on solid experience, tailored to you and will take you all the way to the final bell.